Are you leading a sedentary lifestyle?

A sedentary lifestyle is someone that walks less than 5000 steps a day. In other words someone who walks less than 4kms or 2.5miles a day. I thought I led an active lifestyle, but according to this I’m with the majority ie sedentary. I make a conscious effort to walk where I can, go to the gym a couple of times a week, and go for long walks or ride my bike on the weekend. Not enough according to the site. I should be trying to achieve 10000 steps a day. That’s roughly 1 hour of walking a day. Achievable but certainly not easy to squeeze in an extra hour in the day.

Lucky for me, it’s officially the first day of spring and I’ve also signed up to STEPtember. It’s a great cause raising awareness and donations for cerebral palsy. I’m on a quest to climb the worlds tallest mountains “virtually” and raise money in the process. Today I’ve already achieved 8000 steps so I’m on my way to an active lifestyle and all for a good cause. Anyone interested in donating to my team, can click here. All funds go to an awesome cause and they’re tax deductible.



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