Why Content Marketing Should Be in Every Digital Strategy

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Content Marketing has changed the way we do business. As CEOs strive to build brands that win; here are five reasons why content should be front and center…. Let’s not kid ourselves. Any marketer worth their weight in nickels know the importance of digital marketing and social media. But the hard reality is, one piece of the digital marketing and social media puzzle that is still left out is the power of content. We talk about how important it is to increase engagement on Twitter or how to go viral on reddit but rarely do we talk about the importance of content in everything we do. Creating content that an audience likes is hard, and it’s not something that can be done in the matter of minutes. It requires commitment and it requires an ongoing effort to deliver unique and compelling content. Executives around the globe still don’t get it. Many are still just trying to get their feet wet in the digital space and are allowing their businesses to be average instead of remarkable. Studies have shown that content needs to be the backbone of every digital strategy. And here are five reasons why…

Danielle Uskovic‘s insight:

The five tips given in favour of content marketing are: 1. Customers Trust Content, not Ads – marketers need to produce meaningful content that is valuable to the reader. 2. Blogging Can Drive Lots of Value – blogging is back on the rise. Marketers need to produce good consistent quality content. 3. Content Drives Meaningful Business Results – content that truly engages will drive sales leads and be your lead generation best friend. 4. Most of Your Competitors Suck at it – keep an eye on what your competition is doing through google alerts and liking, following and subscribing to all of their digital properties. 5. Content Marketing is The Future (and Present) – create a role for someone internally to own content. It is the future!

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